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Welcome to SMB Füwesi

The Schefflenzer Maschinenbau/Füwesi develops for more than 25 years welding and drilling machines BSB 3o and BSB 1o as well as Rota-Welder engineered and built from the practice. We are giving this long experience to our customers through our high quality machines and our service, what is an enormous advantage for the users. Füwesi owns the patent for the mechanical building-up welding for bores and shafts with the MAG system.

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BSB 1o are mobile welding and turning machines with which bores or shafts (with diameter from 3o up to 200 mm) can be repaired directly on site with building-up weldings whether automatically or mecanichally and then be finished with the same machine, only by changing the tools. So the installations BSB can be fastened on site on the defective machine (dredger, crane, loader, caterpillar, crusher, etc.) Without much dismounting of defectivce parts and without special knowledge of using. Then through one or several building-up weldings and at least a cutting treatment they get their original measures with a 100% safety what give the very expensive bilts and sleeves a longer longevity.

An investment with quality and technology for your future!

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